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That this chamber (Senate/House/Euro-parliament/etc)

1) Notes UN Secretary-General Kofi Annan's November 28 urgent call for action on nuclear non-proliferation and disarmament to address the world's 'greatest danger'

2) Joins Kofi Annan's call for “all the States with nuclear weapons to develop concrete plans -– with specific timetables -– for implementing their disarmament commitments, and to make a joint declaration of intent to achieve the progressive elimination of all nuclear weapons, under strict and effective international control.”

3) Welcomes the Call for Nuclear Abolition released by Nobel Peace Laureates at their Summit in Rome on November 19, and concurs with its conclusions that ‘Nuclear weapons are more of a problem than any problem they seek to solve. In the hands of anyone, the weapons themselves remain an unacceptable, morally reprehensible, impractical and dangerous risk. The use of a nuclear weapon against a state without nuclear weapons is patently immoral. Use against a state with nuclear weapons is suicidal.”

4) Decides to consider further steps to criminalize and abolish nuclear weapons, as steps towards a nuclear-weapons-free world


What's New?

Euro Parliament Conference on Nuclear Abolition

* Conference Report
* PNND EP Section established

* Senator Roche
* Alyn Ware

PNND Update 17

PNND Update 16
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PNND Update 15
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Draft Parliamentary Resolution on Nuclear Abolition

The PNND Roundtable which was to be held in Tokyo, Dec 6 on Options and
Possibilities for Denuclearization in North-East Asia
has been postponed and will be rescheduled for a time in the near future.

Parliamentary letter to US Congress on nuclear deal with India

Dear Colleague Letter inviting parliamentarians to join PNND
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Now Online: Parliamentarians and Nuclear Weapons: A Briefing Book

PNND Notes
January 2006
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PNND Update 11

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Parliamentarians and civil society appeal on Iran and Nuclear Weapons



Speech by PNND Coordinator Alyn Ware at the XIX OPANAL General Conference

7-8 Nov 2005

Joint statement of mayors and parliamentarians cooperating for a nuclear weapons free world:

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List of endorsers

Conference of States Parties to Nuclear Weapon Free Zones

Non-Proliferation Treaty Review Conference, 2-27 May 2005

PNND International Forum

Wellington, NZ

Dec 8, 2004



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Saving the Non-Proliferation Treaty:

The Role of Parliamentarians

The Tsunami and a nuclear catastrophe