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PNND and Mayors for Peace


As a network of legislators from State, Federal/National, and Regional assemblies, PNND has a close working relationship with Mayors for Peace, a network of leaders at local body level. Together, PNND and Mayors for Peace assist elected officials at all levels to represent the will of civil society for nuclear non-proliferation and disarmament, and to develop the political will to achieve this aspiration.

In May 2005, PNND and Mayors for Peace presented an appeal of mayors and parliamentarians for a nuclear weapons-free world to the Non-Proliferation Treaty Review Conference to encourage States Parties to the NPT to implement the Article VI obligation for nuclear disarmament. In October 2005, we presented the appeal to the United Nations General Assembly to encourage the commencement of negotiations on a Fissile Materials Treaty, legally binding assurances not to use nuclear weapons against non-nuclear States, prevention of an arms race in outer space, and a comprehensive program for nuclear disarmament.

PNND and Mayors for Peace are exploring options for the achievement of nuclear abolition through a nuclear weapons convention (NWC). Mayors for Peace calls for negotiations on a NWC to be completed by 2010, with all nuclear weapons to be eliminated by 2020 (See 2020 Vision campaign). PNND members have raised the idea of a NWC for discussion in a number of parliaments and have highlighted the Model NWC circulated by the United Nations (UN Document A/C.1/52/7) and submitted to the 2007 NPT Conference (NPT 2007 Working Paper 17).

PNND members encourage their local mayors to join Mayors for Peace. Members of Mayors for Peace encourage their local members of parliament to join PNND.