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Law of Mongolia on its nuclear-weapon-free status , adopted on 3 February 2000


General provisions

Article 1. Purpose of the Law

The purpose of the present Law is to regulate relations pertaining to the preservation of the territory of Mongolia in its entirety, including its air space, land, waters and the sub-soil free from nuclear weapons, which constitutes an important factor for ensuring Mongolia's security.

Article 2. Legislation on Mongolia's nuclear-weapon-free status

2.1 The legislation on Mongolia's nuclear-weapon-free status shall consist of the Constitution of

Mongolia, the present Law and other legislative acts adopted in conformity with them.

2.2 In case an international treaty to which Mongolia is a party contains provisions different from those

provided for in the present Law, the provisions of the international treaty shall prevail.

Article 3. Definitions

3.1. The definitions contained in the present Law shall have the following meaning:

3.1.1 . "nuclear weapon" means any explosive device that is capable of releasing nuclear energy in an uncontrollable manner and that can be used for hostile purposes;

3.1.2. "nuclear-weapon-free status" means a legal status of being free from nuclear weapons.

Article 4. Prohibitions resulting from the nuclear-weapon-free status

4.1 An individual, legal person or any foreign State shall be prohibited on the territory of Mongolia from committing, initiating or participating in the following acts or activities relating to nuclear weapons:

4.1.1 develop, manufacture or otherwise acquire, possess or have control over nuclear weapons;

     4.1.2 station or transport nuclear weapons by any means;

     4.1.3 test or use nuclear weapons;

     4.1.4 dump or dispose nuclear weapons grade radioactive material or nuclear


4.2 Transportation through the territory of Mongolia of nuclear weapons, parts or components thereof, as well as of nuclear waste or any other nuclear material designed or produced for weapons purposes shall be prohibited.

Article 5. Uses of nuclear energy and technology

5.1 The use of nuclear energy and technology shall be permitted only by the State administrative authority in charge of nuclear energy and solely for peaceful purposes such as health care, mining, energy production and scientific research in accordance with the provisions of the international treaties to which Mongolia is a party as well as in conformity with the norms and principles of international law.

5.2 For the purpose of implementing Article 5.1 of the present Law and banning the dumping or storage in the vicinity of the borders of Mongolia of nuclear material or waste that might directly or in the long run indirectly adversely affect the safety of the population and the environment, Mongolia shall cooperate with the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA), other appropriate international organizations and the States that have nuclear programs.



Article 6. National verification of the implementation of the legislation on the nuclear-weapon-free status

6.1 On the basis of the proposals of the central administrative authority in charge of foreign relations and of other organizations, the National Security Council of Mongolia shall, within its functions and competence, coordinate the following activities:

6.1.1 implementing of a single State policy concerning the prohibited and permitted activities pertaining to the nuclear-weapon-free status in Mongolia;

     6.1.2 institutionalizing internationally Mongolia's nuclear-weapon-free status;

     6.1.3 taking an active part in the activities of the appropriate international

      organizations, exchanging information on the prohibited and permitted activities          

      in Mongolia and providing information to national organizations.

6.2 The competent authority of Mongolia shall have the right to gather information, stop, detain and search any suspected aircraft, train, vehicle, individual or group of persons.

6.3 The central administrative authority in charge of foreign relations shall be entrusted with monitoring the compliance with the present Law and the international commitments assumed by Mongolia in connection with the nuclear-weapon-free status.

6.4 Non-governmental organizations or individuals may, within the mandate provided for by the legislation, exercise public oversight of the implementation of the legislation on the nuclear-weapon-free status and submit proposals thereon to the relevant State authority.

Article 7. International verification on the implementation of the legislation on the nuclear-weapon-free status

7.1 Mongolia shall conduct international verification over the implementation of the present Law in cooperation with the relevant international organizations or by concluding special international agreements thereon.



Article 8. Liability for violation of the legislation on the nuclear-weapon-free status

8.1 An individual or legal person that violates Article 4 of the present Law shall be held liable in accordance with the Criminal Code.

8.2 The facility, equipment, material, raw material or means of transportation used for the activities prohibited by Article 4.1 of the present Law shall be expropriated by the State.

8.3 An individual or legal person that violates the present Law shall pay compensation for the damage caused to the interests of Mongolia as well as to the population, the environment and the properties in accordance with the relevant legislation of Mongolia or in conformity with the appropriate international treaty, the principles and norms of international law.

8.4 In case of violation or suspected violation of the present Law by a foreign State, Mongolia shall, within its international treaty obligations or norms and principles of international law, officially notify the State concerned of the violation or suspected violation, request explanation and peacefully resolve any question that may arise therefrom. If deemed necessary, the International Atomic Energy Agency(IAEA) and other relevant bodies could be asked for assistance. In case of a dispute of a legal mature, measures could be taken up to referring the matter to the relevant international court or arbitration.

Article 9. Amendment and termination of the Law

9.1 If the vital interests of Mongolia are affected, the present Law may be amended or terminated.

                                                      CHAIRMAN OF THE STATE

                                                    GREAT HURAL OF MONGOLIA

                                                            R. GONCHIGDORJ

Source: http://www.opanal.org/NWFZ/Mongolia/mong.htm   8 November, 2001


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